Natasha Duell is a postdoctoral fellow at the Carolina Consortium on Human Development and the department of psychology and neuroscience at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her research is driven by the general question: in what contexts are the characteristics inherent to most adolescents–such as sensation seeking, risk taking, and social orientation–beneficial to their well-being?

Natasha’s research examines psychological, social, biological, and cultural correlates of adolescent decision-making and risk taking. Her work in this domain has examined age patterns and cross-national variations in risk taking as a function of self-regulation and reward sensitivity. More recently, Natasha developed a scale of positive risk taking, which is being administered and validated in samples of youth across the world. Her current research also explores the biological correlates of adolescent decision-making using hormone sampling and fMRI methodologies. Visit this site to stay up to date on Natasha’s most recent projects and publications. 

Natasha is currently working with the Developmental Social Neuroscience lab (Director: Dr. Eva Telzer) at UNC Chapel Hill. Check out the lab and their projects here.


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